Emailing Reminders for Tasks with a Scheduled Microflow Event

Hi all,  I’m new to scheduled microflows and the EmailTemplate module from the marketplace and I need some assistance with the logic of the scheduled microflow. The app is a task checklist and the problem I need help with is how to send a list of upcoming tasks due to the person it is assigned to. Here’s what I’m trying to do logic-wise: I have the following domain model: I’m trying to schedule a microflow to run every day at 10am local time and perform the following: Check to see if any tasks are due the following business day Gather all the tasks due the following business day and who the tasks are assigned to Send the list of tasks to the person the tasks are assigned to via email   I’m curious how to implement this logic via scheduled microflow and where to call the Email template microflows in order to send the email. Any suggestions and/or examples are greatly appreciated!
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Hi there Anne,

You should be able to create a scheduled event that calls a microflow. When you set of the SE in Studio Pro, you can choose the cadence in which you desire it to run. In your 'Task' retrieve you should be able to use the 'addDays' function to retrieve a list of Tasks based on some logic around a DueDate... although I don't see a DueDate defined in your Task entity in the screenshot.

For each Task you retrieve you should be able to loop over and retrieve your User that is associated over the 'AssignedTo' association. And use that information to trigger your email sending logic/flows. Let me know if that is helpful or not :)

Best, Micah