Retrieve only Generalization in list

I have a Generalization table of Customer that has specializations off it of Customer2 and Customer3 (not real names). I want to do a retrieve in a microflow of just the Customers and NOT the specializations. I will end up with a list of Customers so I can then perform actions on just those Customer objects and NOT the customer2 and customer3 specializations. Is there a filter in xpath or something that can easily filter this list? Or do I need to retrieve all of them, loop through them and do an object type decision adding just the ones I want to a new list?
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So you want to retrieve all customers, which aren't a specialization at all. Right?

Im not aware of a XPath expression to actieve that.

You could retrieve ALL Customers (incl specializations) retrieve all the objects of the Customer2 specialization and subtract the second list from the first repeat it for Customer3

Guess in JAVA you could achieve a direct retrieve. But not my expertise 



I had the same problem and solved it by including this XPath expression in my retrieve:


[Module.Action_Result/Module.Result/id != empty]


This way i only get the objects from the Generalization (that have the association) en not the Specializations (that don't have the association).