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Hi I have a data grid using microflow.  And I want to make that first, show the data grid with current year and if users input year, show the data grid according to the inputed year. So I make a page as below.   At the end of the microflow, a commit activity (refresh in client : yes) was added. I set Call a microflow as an action for the year’s On change However, in this case, microflow is called indefinitely. I think if users input a year, the page is refreshed through the commit activity(refresh in client: yes) and because of refreshing the page, the microflow is called again. And it repeats infinitely.     I tried various ways to solve this problem. I changed Show a page as an action for the year input’s On Change       → However, this data grid is located at the bottom of the page. If the page is refreshed through Show a page, the scroll is changed to the top. how to call the microflow before and change the data grid using database      → In this case, however, I have to use persistable entity because I have to set the data grid with persistable entity. But I use not persistable entity. So I can’t do this.   How can I modify a microflow that is called infinitely? Help me. 
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I have developed an similar app for my internal use and how I modeled is:

- There is an Entity named FinancialYear

- And the entity that depends on the Year data is associated with the FinancialYear

- This way, we can simply solve this by having the refresh on the Financial year (or year) drop down

- Loading the associated Sub entities through association

With your current setup of no entity for Year information and loading datagrid with onchange and refresh, you will have the infinite refresh loop.

See if the advice from Ruud suits the business need to you must think about remodeling your entities


It doesn't help the entity names are wiped out, but I'll give it a try:

1 The snippet's entity does not need to be persistent or committed. Make this entity non persistable. Make sure the year attribute has read / write access to the user accessing the page

2 At the on change event of the year attribute, call a microflow that includes 1 activity: change object [snippets entity] with refresh in client. Make sure the user that accesses the page has access to this microflow 

3 datagrid will be refreshed as soon as the year is changed, as all widgets within refreshed dataview will refresh automatically 


Another option is to set refresh interval on the datagrid widget