Add new Entity/Attribute via Microflows

I want to be able to add new Entities and Attributes by the client. How can I extend my domain model without going to application server? Example view of desired page in client side. I want to create similar page like in below which is also include creating new entity. Is it possible to do this?
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This isn’t possible and definitely not something you want. Because when you could add an attribute to your domain model what about:

  1. Security
  2. Data integrity
  3. Validation
  4. Testing
  5. Database synchronization

in other words, what you are trying to achieve is something you shouldn’t even consider, as it is related to app development, not to a user scenario.

My guess is that you want to add a value to a certain object. Like a car has many characteristics and you want to add one or more dynamically. In that case I would add 2 entities to the domain model. One entity Car, another CarCharacteristic with a 1-* relation in between, so that you can add a list of CarCharacteristic to the Car.