Entity Update & Delete not working in Overview Pages

Two Entities having one – to – one association, whenever I try to edit or delete those entities, there is no expected response. Both Default and Microflow Delete Object not working. No Xpath, Event handle & Delete Constrains in Entity level. Please help me regarding this issue.
2 answers

- If you are using the default buttons, ensure you have enabled the Create and delete checkboxes in access rights

- Or check if you enabled restriction in the association properties. If you have enabled restriction without proper message, then you see nothing when deleting.

- If you are using custom microflows, ensure you are committing the objects or have proper write access.

- Check in logs if there are any errors 


What is expected behavior and what is the actual behavior?

Some first thoughts of things I would check

  1. Does the user have delete rights on both entities?
  2. Does the user have read access on the 1-1 association?
  3. Is there delete behavior set on the association?
  4. Is there another referenced entity whit delete behavior set?
  5. Do you refresh the client when deleting in the microflow?
  6. Is the microflow really triggered?
  7. Is the reference between the objects actually set?


If above is all correct and should affect the behavior, then I’m curious what the actual behavior is