Order of executing On-Change and Save action?

Is there a specific order in which the following two events are handled: * Text box with On change event (call a MF: OC_text), behavior: when user leaves input field * Action button [Save],  on click: call a MF: ACT_Save. If you change the text box, and click on the action button (without leaving the text field), should the on-change MF be executed and completed first, before the save MF is executed? During development and testing, we always had the following (expected?) order: On-Change MF was finished before the Save MF was executed. Mx-Log: 10:51:02 Starting execution of microflow 'Module.OC_text' 10:51:02 Finished execution of microflow 'Module.OC_text' 10:51:03 Starting execution of microflow 'Module.ACT_Save' 10:51:03 Finished execution of microflow 'Module.ACT_Save' However, some users, from some locations, have experienced that the Save MF was executed before the On-Change MF was finished or even started. This causes problems, because some attributes that are changed in the OC_text MF are not being saved then: 10:54:45 Starting execution of microflow 'Module.ACT_Save' 10:54:45 Starting execution of microflow 'Module.OC_text' 10:54:45 Finished execution of microflow 'Module.OC_text' 10:54:45 Finished execution of microflow 'Module.ACT_Save' Workaround for now is that we perform the actions from the On-Change MF (again?) in the Save MF too. When users that experience the "Save MF executed before the On-Change MF" click and hold the save button for a few seconds, execution order is ok too: 10:56:02 Starting execution of microflow 'Module.OC_text' 10:56:02 Finished execution of microflow 'Module.OC_text' 10:56:04 Starting execution of microflow 'Module.ACT_Save' 10:56:05 Finished execution of microflow 'Module.ACT_Save' Is there a way we can make sure that the On-Change MF is always executed and finished before the Save MF starts? Regards, Edwin
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If this behavior is done with users only clicking the save button and the onchange action is not running a MF in the background or something similar, I suspect this to be a bug and suggest to report this to support with a reproducable testcase.

As the click on the save button makes sure the user leaves the changed field this should always trigger the OC first before the click is handled on the save button. When the OC microflow takes a long time then the order OC start->Save start → Sve End → OC end or OC start→ Save start → OC end→ Save end can be valid orders I think. But first starting the save action before the OC action seems to me a bug.