Check dateTime for day of selected certain day

I want to check if an object has the same day as my selection. These dates can have a different time frame so for example on April 4 at 13:00. I now want to retrieve all objects with the date April 4. What is the best approach for this? [%BeginOfCurrentDay%] Checks only the time at 0:00 and only the time we are in now not the selected date. I guess there is no [%BeginOf'Variable'%] day function. 
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If you're doing an exact match check in a microflow you can trim the time-specific information from the datetime by using the trimToDays or trimToDaysUTC functions. If you trim both parts of your check to days, you can check for an exact match.

If you're working with retrieves from database, and your dateTimes aren't trimmed before saving, you could opt to retrieve with a range where your datetime is bigger or equal to value A and smaller than value B. Where A is the start of that day, and B is the start of the following day.

Be sure to check your datetime comparisons for localisation and utc though. Otherwise you'll be retrieving the wrong dates.

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