Creating a new object always changes old object?

I am trying to create a Bericht (engl.: report) Object but everytime I click on the Hinzufügen (engl.: Add) Button it does not create a new object and instead changes my old Object. So my add button calls a Microflow… The Microflow checks if at least 1 member exists so a Report can be posted. If this is true then I get taken to my Add Popup Page The save button here calls another Microflow… And this microflow just changes the Report so that the current date and name of the user is added below the actual post. I commit the post and refresh it. BUT THEN if I click the Add button again I can enter stuff in my Popup Page but it instantly changes the stuff before I even click on the Save button. I do not know how to fix it because I though by committing and refreshing the object I make it unchangeable but apparently that idea is wrong. If someone has and idea please tell me.
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Ah ok, I actually figured it out. I was not actually creating new objects. I was literally just changing the old object in my last microflow and then committing the changes of my old object.

For those who are interested in the solution. This is what the last microflow needs to look like:


Well, I am not sure about the actual requirement here. But, from what I read, you must do this little differently.

In the first microflow where you are checking for existing items, before redirecting to the page, you must create the new object and pass that object as page parameter to the pop up, where you are entering the details like Title, post etc.

Problem with what you are doing now is:

  1. You are passing existing object
  2. Changing the existing object (in memory)
  3. But creating new object with the values of old object in memory
  4. But you are not reverting the old object, so the changes in memory will still be there