Multi selection on DataGrid

Hi  I want to update multirows in my Datagrid with action button. But the right now my datagrid work with single selection property for Other button like Edit, Delete that work. As I tried to change with multiselection it throw error Microflow 'ACT_DeleteRow' has not been executed, as it does not allow concurrent execution. How can I select multirow for my action action button in the same datagrid.
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Hi Shubhransh,

You have to set the datagrid to either single selection or multi-select. You cannot change this per button.

I would advise to set the datagrid to multiselect, to accommodate your new button.

Then change the microflows that the other buttons start, so that you can give a list as parameter.

In this microflow you can then count the items on this list and if there is only one, you pass this to the edit/ delete page.

If there is more then 1 object, you can show a message to the user indicating that only one object at a time can be edited/ deleted.


Hope this helps!