Validation on Radio buttons with conditional visibility

Hi, I have a cascading conditional radio button (RB) properties as shown below - RB1 RB2   |_ RB3   |_ RB4         |_ TextBox The TextBox property at the very bottom is a required attribute and it is made visible only when user has selected RB2&RB4, in that order. I have added a validation check for (non-empty) TextBox in a microflow and it works as expected i.e. error is shown when user does not enter the answer in TextBox and attempts a 'Save' action. Please note that I have correctly configured the visibility condition for the TextBox, using a 'currentobject' expression (i.e. visible only when user has selected RB2 AND RB4). The problem that I'm facing is - when user makes the TextBox visible (RB2 -> RB4) -> then selects RB1 without adding any text in the TextBox, and attempts to Save the page, the validation error message pop-up for the TextBox is still shown, even when TextBox is not in picture (literally & figuratively! :smiley:). Please share how I can get rid of this error. Many thanks in advance!
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Hi Lalit,

If I understand you correctly the textbox should not be validated anymore if the user selects RB1 after selecting RB2 and RB4?

In that case I would recommend that you to change this is your validation. So check in the validation for the textbox if the text is filled in OR if RB1 is selected. If RB1 is selected the textbox should not give a validation message.

Hope this helps!