CE0024 error subtract

How will i be able to fix this?
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You subtract festivals by a list of inschrijven or the other way around.  That's like subtracting appels from pears.

Not sure what you want to achieve, but this will never work😉



As I understand you want to check if there are still spots left for a new reservation. First I assume that the user selects a festival. Thus we can use this festival as context of the process.

Your microflow should be like this

  1. Start with an input parameter > Object > Festival
  2. First activity > retrieve all reservations (Inschrijven) over association of that festival 
    If you don't have an association between the Inschrijven and Festival entity, you should create one.
  3. Add a 2nd activity > Aggregate > Count > returned list of 1st activity
  4. Add a decision > check Festival/maxAmount > ReturnedCountValue
  5. True continue with new registration (inschrijven)
  6. False Show a message to user and end microflow


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