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Hi,   I have retrieved an object from MxModelReflection.MxObjectType, which represents an entity in a certain module. Now I want to use that MxObjectType as a real entity in my microflow. For example I want to use the RetrieveObjects function with the MxObjectType as input parameter. However the RetrieveObjects function expects a real entity as input parameter. How can I convert the string value MxObjectType.CompleteName to a real entity that can be used in the RetrieveObjects    
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You can't, basically.

You can write a Java Action that does the retrieval for you.

Within Studio Pro, you'll need to have the type of entity defined beforehand, otherwise Mendix has no idea what to do with the object.

You can retrieve a list using the MxObjectType CompleteName as input as such:

XPath<IMendixObject> xpath = XPath.create(getContext(), completeName);
List<IMendixObject> objectList = xpath.all();
return objectList;