Showing custom list in a data view

Hello everyone,  I created a custom list, like shown in the first picture. Now I want to give this lsit out at a page with data view. But this always takes the whole objects from that database.   I want to try it with XPath, but I don’t know the correct path. (picture two) Can somebody help me with that? I also tried to base the Data view at the microflow,  but than the error message came: “ Microflow does not return a list.  How can I do that, because like you can see in picture one, it returns a list.   It would be very kind if somebody have an idea. :)   Best regards Karoline  
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Instead of dataview, you need to use listview on the page with datasource as the microflow in which you are getting the list.

Now set that list as a return variable in that microflow. For example: