Error in Showing custom list in a data view

Hello everyone,  I want to trigger the hmicroflow, when clicking a button, that there will be opened a new website with my individual list. This is my microflow (first picture).  Firstly I have an object, that I need to make the correct X-Path rule in the retrieve list. After that I want to show the page, where the list view is opened. I also set the list as a return value like described above.  But then there is always this error message (second picture) Error-Text: CE1573 Parameter ‘Fragengeruest_Kunde’ of the selected microflow does not match available arguments. No arguments are available to ‘listView1’. Can somebody help me with that? That would be very kind.    Best regards  Karoline       
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Hi Karoline,

It seems that you’re using the microflow as a datasource.

What the error is saying is the input parameter used here is not available. You can only use this if you have context of this object via say a dataview. 

Additionally, you’re using show page and also returning the list. If its a datasource microflow, you don’t have to show the page as the microflow will load the data once the page is opened.

Hope this helps!