How to pass a list of objects from one page to another?

We have a list page with multi selection. On click of an action button on the first list page we need to pass a list of selected objects and open another page to show the list. Is there any way to do that? Currently on the second list page the list is loading as blank/null. We have implemented “show Page action” and using a microflow to show the second list page. And additionally, in the later stage, on the second list page, we have a Save button where a microflow is called, where the list is to be passed as an input parameter. As the list is now null we are not able to call the microflow. Please help.
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Hi Anushree,

You could do the following:

  1. On the first page where users can select multiple objects → associate all these objects to a non persistent entity
  2. Pass this NPE to your second page to a data view
  3. Inside the dataview → add a list which retrieves data via association


Alternatively if you can, write your logic on the first page itself. But I’m not sure if that fits your usecase.

Hope this helps!