DeepLink gets redirected to index.html page after login

Hi All, I am using DeepLink module along with OAuth module, While I’m trying to goto my deeplink page, I’m being redirected to index.html page after the login of deeplink. If I’m changing the constant IndexPage in DeepLink Module to index3.html, then after logging in I’m redirected to index3.html page. Another interesting fact is that if I’m opening two tabs  -In first tab just login into mendix  -and in Second tab enter the deeplink URL ,enter password and stay in index.html page And then if I click on home button where the DeepLinkHome microflow is there, then Im getting the correct deeplink page If some one has any solution, Kindly share with me. Thanks & Regards, Amal Joshy
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Hi Amal,

One of things to check is if constants are configured correctly:

For instance if you use SAML, after successful login the user is redirected to the deeplink