In schedule event microflow how to check the condition that if task has already created then other task object will not create there?

Hii experts, I am working on schedule event functionality in one of my application, My requirement is that every day one microflow will trigger at 6:30, In schedule event microflow I want to check that for each and every user status has updated or not, if the user has not updated his/her status then from that microflow one object will create for the particular date and if the user has already updated his/her status then that microflow will not create any object on a particular date. I got stuck in how to check that if the user has already updated his/her status then what condition should I give in microflow that object will not create again on that particular date. Please help me if anyone has an idea about that. Thanks in advance Best Regards Shivani  
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As jeroen says: retrieve from the database the task which meets the condition “Task already exists”
In other words apparently a task can already exist. So what is the definition of “existing” is it a task description, name, date or…?

Use that to constrain you retrieve

As example when date is the definition of existing

Retrieve entity Task
XPath: [Date = '[%BeginOfCurrentDay%]’]

If an object is returned, then the tasks exists and no task must be created. If no object is returned, create task.



Hi Shivani, Can’t you retrieve the the task on that date for the user from the database, if it already exists then you don’t need to create a new task and if the result is ‘empty’ then you can create the task.