Microflow blocking on an after commit

Hi all,   I have a datagrid that has editable columns that once the user clicks out of the field will run a after commit to save the data and also calculate a few other things. The problem I have is because it’s an after commit I haven’t been able to find a way to make a microflow block the user from being able to do anything else until that microflow has saved.   The reason that the microflow runs as an after commit is because the standard data grid doesn’t have an “on change” field where I can select a microflow to run so the only way I’ve been able to think of getting a microflow to run after the user has entered data into one of the editable columns is by an after commit.   If anyone has any ideas that would be really helpful thanks.   Kind regards Nathan
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The datagrid is limited in how you can shape the user experience and server interactions during data entry.  Sounds like you may need to use a ListView  and build it to look as much like a datagrid as possible.  This will enable you to use an after change event on entry boxes.

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