How can I specify the next page by variables in show-page action?

I would like to display the page by calling from microflow. I know we have to specify the next page in show-page action, but I would like to  to change the destination page depending on the variable in microflow. I don't hope to use decision action because the number of variables and destination pages may increase in the future. Instead of that, I hope to pass a variable and specify the next page. How can I achieve that? 
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Hi Kaori,

In Mendix you can't use the same show page activity to dynamically open pages based on a variable.

The decision would be the default to go for, even if that would lead to a lot of “show-page” activities.

You could also decide to navigate to the same page, but use conditional visibility or, for example, a list view with templates per specialization.

Or i suppose you could use a java action, although i generally would not recommend doing this because of the complexity and maintenance burden of java actions.

And there possibly are even more creative options, depending on the situation.

If you would like to know more, it would be helpful if you shared a little more on your specific situation.

I hope this helps.