how can we know that object is send into microflow when the object is selected from reference selector and on_change event action is microflow.

Hi, I am using data view in that reference selector to get list of data. when I select the object from list it should pass to microflow and in reference selector in event : on_change action I have selected microflow. can someone how to see the object is passed to microflow when the object is selected in data view.  
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Hi Pranaya,


So you have some entity (say ‘Invoice’) for which there is a form/data view (say ‘Invoice_NewEdit’).

In that form you have a reference selector to set association with another entity (say ‘Client’), with a microflow as onchange event:


Since the microflow is onchange for an Invoice, it will receive an ‘Invoice’ object as parameter.

Now you can just retrieve the associated object over the same association the reference selector uses (in my example to simply log the name of the Client that you just selected):


Hope this answers your question,