How to calculate date minus weeks

I need to calculate a column in a microflow: Column A= Date Column B is string, i.e. 20 weeks for ex. So it should calculate as: Column A – Column B = Column C which is a date. So, 20-01-2022 – 20 weeks = 23 August , 2021. The format for column B is 20 weeks. I need to convert it into date and then subtract it from column A. How can this be formulated?
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In your microflow:

  • create an Integer variable called WeekCount
  • use the following expression to set that variable  parseInteger(substring(ColumnB,find(ColumnB,’ ‘)-1))
  • Set the value of ColumnC with the following expression addWeeks(ColumnA,-1*$WeekCount)


Hope that helps you get started.


my expression was wrong.  I think it should be:  parseInteger(substring(ColumnB,0,find(ColumnB,’ ‘)))