Save buttons and later show them in the list view

So I’m having trouble showing my inputed data.   My first problem is I have a page where I ask the user to choose which four locations and when they click on one of them it takes them to the locations page where they can specify further. I built a microflow to open the page onclick and on that page I put a button save (onclick save changes) (it’s a data view with it’s own entity). Please tell me how to modify my microflow in order for me to save the name of the location and the later form inputs.   My microflow right now is a simple START----create object----show page...----END
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Hi Gal,

If I understand correctly you wanna save the attributes in single object 

if that is true pass the object which has the location in the microflow as parameter and pass it to page where you wanna add more inputs which will will be in same object

if it's not what you are looking share some pics for my understanding


An example is this: 

It gives two choices, planned and unplanned and onclick is set to open the page for planned or for unplanned. I would like to open the page but also it to save that it is planned or unplanned.


Are you committing the objects in the flows? Committing means saving to the database. 

You microflow looks good for initiating the object. When the data is filled in you want to save that data. That flow typically looks like:

start event– commit object – close page – end event.

If you have an assocaited object in your page it looks as follow:

start event (parameters) – retrieve over assocations the objects you would like to save – commit associated objects –  commit main object – close page – end event.