How hide a button and show a button according to condition?

I have two list view, in the first list view, there is a button named move for  moving the corresponding row record to the second list view, in the second list view, there is also a button named delete for delete the corresponding row record from the second list view. the above function have success. bu , I want to , after click the move button, hide the move button, because this record have been removed to another list view. after click the delete button, the move button show again, because this is record have been deleted in second list view, it can be move into second list view again. how do this?  thank you@
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Hi Yequan,

On the enitity you are showing you can set a boolean attribute called showMove. This will be true by default.

When showing the listview, you can set the visibility on the button in listview 1 to showMove = true. Then in your onClick microflow you set showMove to false and refresh the object.

In the second listview you can do the same with an attribute called showDelete. When this is pressed you set showDelete to false and showMove to true, since it should be visible in the first microflow again.

Hope this helps!