Getting 403 forbidden error after calling API with bearer token

Hi Team, I need help to access web api with bearer token. after passing the client credentials in Rest Call(Post) I am able to getting the Bearer token. But when I tried to pass same token to API with Rest call. It showing 403 error code. saying request is legal but server is refusing to response. wi Do I need to pass more information in request? Please help   Below microflow is implemented,   calling REST Service post with client credentials and getting token that token I am passing to api in GET request   Getting bearer token in postman   passing client credential in postman and getting above token
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403 means the server you are trying to talk with is refusing your request. If you have control of this server, there should hopefully be some logging there explaining what happened.

If you don’t have control of the other server, then I would turn up the logging on REST Consume lognode in your Mendix application to TRACE. That will show you the request and response headers being sent by the app. Are you seeing the Bearer token in the request headers?

if this doesn’t help, can you share your microflow that is making the REST call, and in particular the Request tab of the REST call action.