Association retrieve without commit will work?

Hi, i am trying to create a page with multiple actions and unable to retrieve entity without commiting. In First microflow i have input parameter Entity1 and I am creating an Entity2 and associating it to Entity1  Once first microflow ended I trigger another microflow (example Submit for storing the data) the Entity2 cannot be retrieved from Entity1?   Is there any work around or solution. As I cannot commit the changes before clicking submit as user can cancel the edit action of certain data.     Details: Domain Model.   Main entity: Silo     Second Entity: Old Parent Sales Areas     Child Entity of old parent sales areas is Old parent sales area.   Microflow 1   Creating a new object of old parent sales areas and linking it to silo entity.   Second Microflow in opened page:   I tried with non-persistant entities as well nothing works.
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You should be able to retrieve things that are still in memory, but it depends on who the owner of the association is. Can you share your domain model with us?