Sending files using RESTCall

Hi Experts, I am trying to call the file upload API using the RestCall activity, but it is not working. I have set the content of the file document as a parameter to the API, but the data registered on the API side is incorrect. It seems that the data is Base64-enabled on the RESTCALL side. (The API is provided by a third party and does not do Base64 decoding.) Please tell me how to avoid Base64Encode in RESTCALL. Best regards.
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What happens when for part called file, you specify $FileDocument, not $FileDocument/Contents?


Hi , 

if possible if you can provide the path of the file Stored ( Should be shared path ) , then the path is quite enough to share . The third party API method will access that path and get the document .

If no then you need to send a base64 Code to API and a file type , and conversion is taken care by service provider . 

there is no other way to share the document .


If you are using any GET API , You can get directly doc  in to the entity which is generalized with file document entity .