Segregate list with created date month-wise

Hi Community, I have a list of Entity X with attribute created date (date and time) and would like to segregate this list month wise based on the created date. Basically I need to have a count for every month based on the created date.  Any idea or suggestion how we can achieve this easily.  Thanks in advance.
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Hey there,

If you mean you want just count variables, you could do the following.

Create a variable with value [Start of month]

Perform a retrieve with created date > Variable and then you count.

Then you set a new variable with value addMonth([Start of month], -1) to get the start of the previous month.

You can then retrieve with created date > new variable and < old variable.

You can repeat the last part, moving the 2 variables in time. When your retrieve gets 0 results, you stop looping.
This only works if every month has values.
If not, you need to also check what the total count is and keep adding the values to check wether you are done.

Does this make sense or work for your issue?