How to get an object creator name?

I have an entity that stores user comments. I want to get the name of the comment creator to display it. For that, I ade the Comment entity to store its owner object (checkbox) and created the “CreatorName" string attribute. The “CreatorName" attribute is calculated using a microflow, which should get the owner account and return its full name. I tried to do it using this expression, but it doesn't work: [Name = $Comments/System.owner/Name]. Why doesn't this expression work? Is there a better and easier way to get the full name of the creator of the object?
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Hi Maxim,

On the entity comment check the box Store owner, (there is no need to have an attribute to store the name).

To display the name associated to that comment the path should be


"This is an association to the system entity ‘User’ that (initially) stores a reference to the user that created the object. This association is automatically set by the server upon creating an object."

Some documentation about the above:

I hope will help :)