templategrid datasource executes when inside invisible container

I have a “project” data entity with a 1.* ratio to “projectAssignment". The page context is “project” and I have a datagrid for the “projectAssignments”.  I also have a dataview next to this that listens to the datagrid to show details of the projectassignment. So when you select an assignment in the datagrid, the dataview shows the details of the assignment. Inside the dataview are multiple tabs and there is this ONE tab that is ONLY visible if a boolean attribute is is set to true.    This tab has a templategrid with a microflow datasourc.… and it appears to be executing even WHEN the templategrid is NOT visible.  I only found this out because I have a some logic that loops in the microflow and I noticed this microflow was executing for hours, spiking my CPU usage, I set a breakpoint in the microflow and saw that the assignment  parameter is EMPTY (I verified this when debugging). This causes the loop to become infinate.   I *will* make an adjustment to check for an empty parameter value before going into this loop, but it seems really weird that this microflow would even execute at ALL when the templategrid’s datasource microflow is inside a tab that’s invisible. I
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