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Hi,i want upload files ,If I upload this file again, I want to add (1) after the same file name. such as,  book,book(1),book(2)
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Make a microflow to save the uploaded file where you:

  1. Do a retrieve from database to see if you already have the same file. If you want to know for sure that it's the same file, you'll have to check for more than just the name and you'll probably want to compare the contents, though this might be a performance-heavy action. 
  2. Do a count action
  3. Make a split where you check if the $Count is != 0
    1. If this check is true, save the file with its original name
    2. If the check is false, change the filename to $File/Name + ‘(‘ + $Count) + ‘)’
  4. Don't forget to commit