Error Handling

Hi Community I have a requirement where if some error happens in any of the actions in microflow i need to show a message to the user that something went wrong. Instead of the default mendix popup it shows up as(An error occurred, please contact your system administrator.) I checked the custom error handling on the actions. But in my case i should use this custom error handling in all actions, which is not advisable. Can someone suggest me if there are any other ways to do this?   Thanks in advance!!!
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If you don’t want granular error handling on each action, you could move the actions into a sub microflow, and then have error handling on the call to the sub microflow to capture any errors that occur in one place. 

Hope this helps.


Hi Preethi,

I you put your logic in a SUB microflow and put error handling on this sub microflow then you can have 1 message to show to the user.
You don’t need to put error-handling in the submicroflow.