How to pass entity to data view using microflow?

Hello All, New Mendix user here… I need some assistance presenting a simple entity in a data view.  When I try to add the entity to the data view (which is just comprised of two Boolean type attributes), I get the error “The selected page ‘Home_Web’ expects an object of type <entity name> and cannot be used as a home page. Change the page or use a microflow to provide the page with an object.” I don’t want to change the page, so I’ve tried to use a microflow to provide the page with an object.  However, I can’t seem to figure out how to pass the entity to the page using a microflow.  Can someone provide me with an example of how to pass an entity to a data view using a microflow that will appear the same as passing the entity directly to the data view using the context type data source? Thanks!
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In your microflow you are using a Show Page action to show the page. If you open the Show Page action you should see an Input property asking which object to pass. Just pass your object to the page here. If you don’t have a retrieved object to pass at this point, you will need to create one. Make sure the object type is the same type you specified on your page.

Hope this helps.