Question about an error workflows required for export to Excel

Question about the 2 requested workflow to let the Excel export work:,-Microflows-and-Excel-Template-Configuration Questions: I try to implement the microflows to export data to Excel, but face an error. The first microflow, which is to be used in the second., generates a list of values, whereby the second  requires a single value ?  (see below). How to correctly set this up ?   (data model set up as instructed in this course, including ProductExcelDocument ) Is it possible to extend the Excel Export-module that is works instantly, without having to setup workflows and additional entities in Mendix (being an extended version of the Export to Excel button) ? Thanks in advance for the help.   3 pictures below, first of  MENDIX , then my 2 workflows, the second with errors.             MY 2 CREATED WORKFLOWS SOFAR:  
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