Split Microflow

Hey, so i need a microflow to check if the date and time space is empty and if it is to show a message. How can I do it? I'm a student and I'm very new with mendix.
2 answers


  1. Add a decision in your microflow
  2. Add expression $Variable/DateTime != empty
    1. $Variable = your object variable containing the dateTime attribute you want to validate
    2. DateTime = Attribute of object variable you want to check
  3. Horizontal outgoing sequence flow > set to true
  4. Drag a second sequence flow downwards > set to false
  5. Add validation feedback in false flow
    1. Context: $Variable
    2. Member: DateTime attribute
    3. Template: whatever message you want to give




Rene's answer will do the trick just fine.

Alternatively you can use a validation-rule on the entity's datetime argument. To do so, go to the domain model, click the entity, go to tab 'validations', click 'New', set Rule type to 'Required'.