How can I pass image(system.image) from nanoflow to microflow?

I'm angry... Because I'm wasting my time holding on to this problem. I think it's just a problem that can be easily solved. First off, my situation is this: Take a picture with the take picture widget and save it to my library. And add show Page to show the photos i took. I bound the picture I took to the dataview of the opened page. Now when button is clicked I call nanoflow and call microflow inside nanoflow to use rest api. At this time, I have to pass the image to microflow, but I get an error saying it can't because it is a persistent entity. I admit the error...but it's been a week since I started Mendix, and I'm so frustrated. Can't I just copy the image entity and make it a nonpersistent entity? How can I solve this problem?  
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First use Synchronize in your nanoflow to send the image to the backend. You could use Synchronize unsynced changes as you only want to send your new stuff. After that is complete, call a microflow from your nanoflow. The microflow needs a way to find the image you just created. As the image now exists in the backend as well, the FileID will be set on it. Pass that FileID as parameter to the microflow The microflow retrieves the image with that ID. Now you have the image object available in your microflow and you can pass it to the rest call.