How can i send System.Image Entity to REST API?

I'll explain my scenario. 1. Take a picture and save it 2. After checking the photo on the new page, the OCR API was operated in Microflow. 3. The picture taken was retrieved by 'Name' and brought to the System.Image Entity. 4. Now I have to send an image through REST API POST, 'Content-Type' for header is 'application/octet-stream', and binary file must be put in body. Now the question. 1) How do I turn the System.Image Entity into a png or jpg object? 2) Do I need to convert it to base64 once and then convert this back to a file?
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If the interface requires a binary file, yes you can use Base64encoding/decoding. You can check the community commons marketplace module for this. See the following documentation for more information on the type of functions available

and the following link to read how you can call them in a microflow


Note: in some Mx versions you may see that similar/the same functions are available in the nanoflow commons module.