How to synchronously receive response from rest api call

I'm having a problem using rest api GET. If you run the app and call GET, you can't get a response well. But if I make a breakpoint and check it in the corresponding GET Activity, bring it well. Since the REST API CALL is asynchronously performed, it does not get a response, but is it an end? Or I wonder if I can't get it because the process is too fast. Do you have any friends in the same case as me?
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Rest call is always synchronous, meaning: the app calling the rest service, will be waiting for the answer. That is why there is the option ‘Use timeout on request’:


I might misunderstand what you are asking. But if I understand correctly you are using a REST call activity in a microflow to retrieve data from some REST API. See the documentation here:

In the response tab you define what should be done with the response. So I am not sure where the async is coming from.