Time out issue in call rest

Hi, I had created the microflow for getting values dynamically, the values will be displayed in data grid. For some values, it is displaying within a minute. But If I want to get the large values in grid I’m getting error as “An error occurred, please contact your system administrator”, is it because of time out issue? I had given the timeout as 1800s (30 min) to get the data, Can you tell me how to handle the time out issue in call REST service so that the data will be displayed in grid?
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Hi Lavanya,

I am not completely sure what you situation is like, but maybe setting the microflow call type to asynchronous will help? https://docs.mendix.com/refguide/on-click-event/#3323-microflow-call-type

If the setting is set to synchronous, Mendix will only wait for a certain amount of time for a reply and then raise a technical error to the client (only to the client, it will not show in the server log afaik). If set to asynchronous, it will wait for a longer time.

I hope this helps.