How can i search for a specific object in one entity?

Hello, im trying to search an object in this microflow, but i don´t know how it works.  What i am trying to do is like a SQL Query but here on mendix. Thanks by answering! 
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Set the range of your retrieve to First And add a proper XPath constraint to filter the database on the right object.

By doing this, you will get the first item of the retrieved list. 

  1. incase there is only one, then that one will be returned
  2. If you have multiple records matching the same constraint it will return the first of the list, which depend on the sorting.
    To control the sorting you can add sorting in your retrieve at the bottom of the dialog.


The filter option Dinesh describes has in the end the same result. Big difference is that this will result in serverside filtering, while using a proper retrieve, the database will do the job. Which is in the end much better in performance


HI Cristian Olivares,
After the ‘Refacciones list’ Put an List Operation Activity and select Find/Find by Expression option nd select the list and attribute of the object you want to find.



Good Luck and Hope it helps!!