How to build Microflow for select box/dropdown?

Hello,  I’m trying to build my first Mendix Application. I got little stuck with the Microflow, i’m not really sure how to build it that it will work how i want. So I got an Entity called “Maschinen” with two Attributes “Kostenstelle” and “Maschine”  I got Some data inside:   As you see the “Kostenstellen” are comming multiple and each  “Maschine” belongs to a “Kostenstelle”. I hope it’s understandable what i’m trying to say. Now i got a page where an user can submit a disturbance of an Machine and there should be two selection boxes one for “Kostenstelle” and one for “Maschine”. But as in the Database there is multiple times the same Number in “Kostenstelle” i just want to have displayed the number one time and not 10 times. Then for the second Select box should only to be possible to choose from “Maschinen” which have the selected “Kostenstelle” by the user. In php would be very easy to deal with that for me but as i’m new to Mendix i’m struggeling a little bit with the microflows. Here the select page:    I hope someone can help me and thank you in advance  
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your dataview of Maschinen has the 2 attributes. In mendix you should use Reference selector instead of dropdown if you want to change the attribute in the same dataview. If you select an other Kostenstelle, the dataview Maschinen will only have those objects that have that kostenstelle if you use a reference selector. 


In a reference selector you can set the selectable objects. You can use a microflow or xpath to only show those Kostenstelle belonging to the Machine selected (I usually use microflows, since it's easier to use than xpaths). 


Is that an answer to your question?