After delete event handler microflows retrieve from database does not work

Can someone explain why microflow retreive from database does not work with after delete event handler? I’m counting average rating of products whenever new rating is added or existing one is deleted. Rating entity has event handlers after commit and after delete leading to microflow ACO_ADE_Rating_SetAverageRating. Microflow in the first picture below works only with after commit. We fixed the problem by changing Retrieve list of rating from database → Retrieve list of Rating by assosiation    
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This is hard to analyse based on the info you are providing.

What lead to your conclusion that is “does not work”? Does it casues errors, if so, which errors? Is the data not updated? Did you log/debug, so prove that the microflow is executed? I notice the sequence of steps differs between the two microflow is different. Why?


Maybe it is simply because in the first flow you do not commit the results?