Web Modal Popup that blocks the flow

Hello All   I’m trying to code a simple modal popup which collects an answer from the client and do the further process after that. It’s important that such process depends on the aswer given by the client.   My naive attempt so solve this simple problem was just call a page with the popup contents (layout type modal pop-up) and then use a decision to process the answer. Unfortunately this doesn’t work ‘cause, despite the fact the popup is modal, the microflow continues to execute the activity after the calling of “Show Page Modal”   Simply put, I’d like to find a way to block the flow until we have an answer from the client, so that I could log this and print it.   Converting this code to Nanoflows gives the same result: the flow is not blocked and the log is printed without the answer collected in the modal popup   Any hints on how to solve this problem?  
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A microflow is completely executed once it is triggered, so you cannot depend on a UI action in between. So if you want to work with the input of the users I suggest to make 2 microflows. The first microflow that does the logic up untill showing the page, and a second microflow that is triggered once the user inputs the value on the screen.

For the input of the user you can either use a new button (something like “submit”) or you can add something like an on press of enter key event with a custom widget to trigger the second microflow.