Passing data between pages and ultimately display entered data on previous pages

Hi   I have tried writing different micro flows to pass data between pages and seemingly I am unable to use associations to pass data between pages. Do I need to use one entity across the entire app? keep mind I am using buttons between pages i.e page 1’s Next button calls page 2 etc. Flow pages 1 user enters some data which has entity tied to it page 2 user enters more data but its mapped to a different entity but will ultimately be used in the final entity. page 3 you display data from the first pages as read only in the final entity object. _______ END FLOW___________ My issue is that  when I get to page 3 all the fields end up being blank. When I try mapping associations that does not seem to work either and when I use retrieve from database that seems to stall my microflow.  
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Hi ,

I believe this is more related to refresh in client activity on the entity. While going to next page make sure to build your association and keep refresh in client yes.

If you want to store un filled form data means a draft copy even if user stops in between then commit the objects . The only purpose to commit the object at the final save refresh in client will help to keep the filled fields and associations alive till to the last step.


Hope this helps!


Thank you.