Issues copying details from one object to a new object

Hi, We have been working on a task management application that will regenerate completed tasks within Mendix. At the minute we’ve been having issues copying over data from the original task to the new task. It only seems to affect the user name which is quite strange, everything else copies over correctly. At present we use a loop to iterate over task assignment details, the account name field appears to be the only one that isn’t working correctly. Each of the others copy over and the task regenerates. Its a bit frustrating because it means our user will have to reassign tasks once they are regenerated and one of the essential requirements was that this process be automatic. We ran the debugger and can see the correct information is retrieved in the earlier steps of the process and the details appear to be populated but this doesn’t match up with what we can see when we look at the regenerated tasks. I can provide more detail if needed.  Thanks, Christine
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Hi Christine,

It could be the case, that there is also an association between Account and TaskAssignment Entity and you might have to add this new object with the account.

For this retrieve the Account from Iterator and add the new Object in the association.



On the TaskAssignments entity, what are the Access Rules on the accountName attribute?  Also, are there any Event Handlers on that entity that modify the accountName attribute?