Decision does not work as it should

Hey, I made a microflow which has a decision to see if the value attribute is not greater than another attribute. I thought it worked because I put this in “$LocatieRegel/Aantal <= $LocatieRegel/MyFirstModule.LocatieRegel_Artikel/MyFirstModule.Artikel/VoorraadZonderLocatie” and when true, it is okay and when false it gives an error. Now here comes the problem, if the “VoorraadZonderLocatie” = 80 for example, and I put the “$LocatieRegel/Aantal” = 80 it gives an error. It also gives an error when “$LocatieRegel/Aantal” = 41, but it does not give an error when “$LocatieRegel/Aantal” = 40. Mendix version is 9.12.1
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Here is the microflow for the calculated attribute “$VoorraadZonderLocatie” it creates a variable that is called “$VoorraadOpLocatie” and “$BeschikbareVoorraad” then goes through all the lines of “$LocatieRegel/Aantal” and each time it adds it up to the variable “$VoorraadOpLocatie”.
Then when the loop is done it changes “$BeschikbareVoorraad” with “$Artikel/ActueleVoorraad - $VoorraadOpLocatie” and the end just says that the attribute must be the value of “$BeschikbareVoorraad”

Then we have the decision when you want to add a certain value, but before you can do that it has a control if the value is more than 0, witch is the first decision. Then the second one is about it reads: “$LocatieRegel/Aantal <= $LocatieRegel/MyFirstModule.LocatieRegel_Artikel/MyFirstModule.Artikel/VoorraadZonderLocatie”.