System.changedBy Errors

I keep recieving an error that says:   “The association 'System.changedBy' of object 'MyFirstModule.StaffingBlock' with data store id '16888498602678278' refers to a non-existing object 'MendixSSO.MendixSSOUser' with data store id '562949953427913'.”    But when I try the find in project function(Ctrl+f) it cant find anything named MendixSSOUser, so I am very confused on what the error is and where its even coming from. If someone has any idea or advice it would be very much appreciated. 
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If you select the system member store changedBy on an entity

It will save this data (in an association) for you each time a change is made and committed on that entity.

I've seen this error as well in one of the apps I work on (points to a different specialisation of System.User), but haven't managed to reproduce a scenario where this occurs. My assumption is that you had (even temporary) the MendixSSO module with the entity MendixSSOUser in your project, a user of that specialisation changed the object StaffingBlock and the association was automatically saved. The module was removed / the user was removed and Mendix did not properly update this join table (where the foreign key relations between StaffingBlock and MendixSSOUser were stored).

It's not really an issue (the app won't do anything different), but it is annoying to see it occur often in the logs.

What you can do is retrieve those objects from the database and make a new change/commit so that the changedBy association gets updated to an existing user.