A value that should change yet didn`t

This is a microflow I create. In the third block, I set the “Event Title” of NewEventSignUp object to the “Event Title” of that Event object I retrived. \ And I call this microflow at that “Sign Up” button. Yet, “Event Title” didn`t change. Can someone tell me how should I change that microflow to meet my demand?
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You do retrieve a Event by association. As far as I can see this microflow doesn't have a input parameter. Thus you retrieve an event over association by the new create EventSignup.

Which will result in an empty variable, since the new object will have a empty reference.

My guess is that you want to signup for an event as selected from a list or from the details of a single event.

Both cases

  1. you can add a input parameter of type object/event to this microflow.
  2. Create an NewEventSignUp object
  3. Set the reference between the NewEventSignUp object and the passed object of Event. 
  4. Show the page


NOTE: this is only possible if you have a Event in context when triggering the microflow. If you trigger this form a button or navigation item without having a event object available, this won't work. But then you have to sortout to which event this signup is made.