Count the number of attribute entries.

Hi Guys,   I'm very new programming with Mendix and I got stuck with a need that you guys probably have already solved many times before. I'm creating this service request application, and I'm trying to create a dashboard when I can show the number of request submitted to the app. I have then an Entity called Ticket, with an auto-number attribute called TicketNumber. Every time a new request is submitted, a new TicketNumber is then created. So if I count the number of entries created for TicketNumber, I will know how many tickets were created.  – My question is: What would be the best way to count the number of TicketNumbers and present that in a Data/List view? I was trying to get the ticket count addes to a non-persistant attribute, but I could not get it working either.   Any tips or help would be very appreciated.   Greetings. Jan
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You are almost there. You should return the non persistent object at the end so you can use it in a form.