Comparing Dates using Mendix Calendar.

Dear All,   I'm Using the Mendix Calendar, What I want to Achieve is that when 2 Agenda points with the same Day and Time  Are occuring. I want to Increase the Index Number of the Object that is planned over the already existing object in the calendar. E.G ObjectA Day and ObjectA Time != ObjectB Day and ObjectB Time. True = Do nothing False = Increase Index of ObjectB This way i can easisly see conflicting results when 2 events are planned on the same date and time by filtering on the Index numbers. If theres 3 conflicting dates i want the third conflicter to have a higher index than the second one. So the indexes would look this. ObjectA index = 0 ObjectB index= 1 ObjectC Index= 2 The Index is an Attribute inside my CalenderEntity
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You can use a microflow for the check. Do note that you do not only need a start date and time but also an end date and time. You can then do an xpath retrieve to see if for the start date of the current event there already is another event (use the greater then and smaller then in the xpath). Do also note that you need to do that not only for the start time but also for the end time. You can then do the index changes for the objects you found.