Microflow calling actions out of order

Hello, I’m very new to mendix and am just starting to make my first program that calls API’s. I want my microflow to 1) show a message stating that it’s about to test the API’s. 2) run the API’s 3)  display the response data from it. For some reason, my microflow runs the steps above in 2, 3, 1 where the “Testing API’s” message is shown last. What do I need to do to have that “Testing API’s” message show up before anything else?
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Microflows run on the server, so from a client perspective, the actions all seem to happen at the same time.  What happens is that microflows complete execution and then show all client side notification, popups, etc.

There are a couple of ways you can accomplish this:

  • use a nanoflow and perform the API calls from with the nanoflow or
  • use a nanoflow, perform client activities in the nanoflow and then call a microflow to run the other activities server side

Here is a description from the documentation about the differences between nano and microflows:

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If you’re calling this microflow from a button you could add a progress message:

But if the microflow is finished quickly users might not be able to actually read it.


In Microflow setting we have progress bar option. You can try with that option.